Sunday 9:00am – Bible Class
Sunday 10:00am – Worship Service
Wednesday 6:30pm – Bible Study

Order of Worship – Sunday, October 27, 2019

Announcements – Duane Wooten
Prayer – Tommy Colley
2 Songs – Terry Edwards
Collection of Cards – Barrett Rice (after the first song)
Song before the Lord’s Supper – Terry Edwards
Lord’s Supper – Brint Rice, Presiding
Servers – Jacob Bear, Everette Johnson, Price Sparks, Adrian Saffold
Song before the Offering – Terry Edwards
Offering – Gary Waid, Presiding
Scripture Reading – John 20:24-28 – Ethan Colley
2 Songs – Terry Edwards
Lesson – “MY Lord and MY God”—Is He Really Yours?– Eric Lyons
Invitation Song – Landon Pierce
Elder to Pray for Responses – Brent Hatcher
Announcement of Visitors/Prayer Requests – Eric Lyons
Closing Song – Landon Pierce
Dismissal Prayer – Neil Davis