Sunday 8:30am – Prayer Service
Sunday 9:00am – Bible Class
Sunday 10:00am – Worship Service
Wednesday 6:30pm – Bible Study

Bible Classes

Sunday Morning – 9:00am Cradle Roll Topic: Apr-June Teachers: Toddlers Topic: (Apr-June) Teachers: Jana Lyons, Marty Lyons Preschool Topic: (Apr-June) Teachers: Kay McCollough, Janet Watts 1st – 2nd Grade Topic: (Apr-June) Teachers: Alyson McCollough, Vicki Jeter 3rd – 4th Grade Topic: (Apr-June) Teachers: Lisa Morgan, Alice Tanner 5th – 6th Grade Topic: (Apr-June) Teachers: Rob Baker, Jonathon Powell, Keith…

Church Events

For a list of all our events this month, see our full Monthly Calendar. If you have questions regarding these events, please call the office at (334) 567-6561. Want to know what we’ve been up to lately. Here are some of our recent events. We’d love for you to join us next time.

Care Groups

Care groups provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new people visiting as well as learning more about other members.  Care groups also send cards of encouragement, sympathy, illness, etc. and provide flowers to those in hospitals.  Many other acts of kindness may be performed by the group.  There is a leading couple for each group.…

Ladies Program

All Ladies of the congregation.  This is an opportunity to spend time with your Christian sisters, fellowship, and even accomplish a good act for someone in need.  Remember to look on the Sunday bulletin.  We hope to have some information posted here in the future.